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The SHANTI Place Dictionary provides information about all varieties of places in the world, in past and present times, from a variety of perspectives. Such places include cities, towns, and other human population centers; features of the natural environment such as mountains, rivers, and lakes; religious institutions such as churches, temples, and monasteries; cultural institutions such as schools, hospitals, and TV stations; and many more. Some of the available perspectives through which to view places include contemporary national administrative units, with features such as nations, provinces, counties, townships, and so forth; historical polities, with features such as kingdoms, vassal states, tribal areas, villages, and so forth; cultural regions, with individual cultural regions and the relationships that obtain between them; the environment, with features like mountain ranges and individual mountains, and their relationship, or streams and their relationship as tributaries for rivers, and so forth; and religion, with features such as a monastery and its relationship to a sacred mountain, or a church and its relationship to a pilgrimage route.

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